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In the 1920s, visionary chemist and engineer Harry Conklin set out to find practical solutions to everyday problems. Using his basement as a laboratory and his garage as a factory, he formulated cleaner petroleum conditioners and lubricant additives and invented a fuel conditioner that significantly increased gas mileage. Conklin’s fuel-saving conditioners, sold today, are no longer considered an option, rather a must for keeping more of your hard-earned dollars. Mr. Conklin also formulated one of the very first parasynthetic motor oils.  Today’s Convoy® products work so well, they lower fuel and oil consumption and help extend oil change intervals.

From farmers to truckers to your everyday driver, hard-working people from across the country have adopted Mr. Conklin’s maintenance products, because they keep their vehicles and equipment running longer, improve their performance, and reduce their maintenance costs. If cars, trucks, and equipment are integral to your business, Conklin Vehicle Products will improve your bottom line.

Conklin Vehicle Products serve these customers and more:

  • Crop Producers
  • Implement Dealers
  • Fleet Operations
  • Owner Operators
  • Contractors

  • Livestock Producers
  • Construction Companies
  • Marinas
  • Specialty & Performance Automotive Retail Merchants
  • Restoration, Performance,& Motorsports Enthusiasts
  • Repair & Service Centers
  • Vehicle & Equipment Owners

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