Building Products

Providing professional strength for professional performance

Decades of research and development conducted by Conklin in the acrylic roof coating industry have resulted in the development of a full line of products that are as tough as they are beautiful. We’ve
taken our innovations from the rooftop to the rest of the building in our collection of exterior coatings, cleaners, caulks and sealants. These products are designed to deliver long-term protection, favorable life-cycle costs, and years of performance for business and residential customers alike.

Coatings and Sealants

  • Longer-lasting performance compared to competitive products
  • Incredible value
  • High-solids formulas for superior protection
  • Exceptional adhesion to most surfaces
  • Renewal and beautification of many exterior surfaces

Conklin’s professional-grade caulks and sealants partner perfectly with our Master Guard® premium paints and our family of roof coatings. They provide a pliable seal that can withstand the extreme pressures of building movement and weather, enhancing the exceptional waterproofing power of our coatings.

Advantages of Conklin Caulks and Sealants:
  • Provide superior protection with high-solids formulas.
  • Cure to a durable, long-lasting finish.
  • Comply with federal specifications for government projects.

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