4-POWER G - Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner


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Restore mileage lost from dirty fuel systems.


Designed specifically for gasoline fuel systems, 4-Power G’s advanced formulation aggressively cleans varnish, gum, and deposits from fuel system components, allowing for more efficient fuel dispersion and complete combustion. The 4-Power G gasoline engine formula is intended for use in all types of gasoline, including ethanol gas (E10, E15, and E85) and gasoline fuel systems where ethanol fuels have been used. It provides:
  • A fuel injector, fuel line, and carburetor cleanup
  • Combustion chamber, valve, and port deposit cleanup
  • Corrosion protection
  • Easier cold-weather starts

Boost mileage even more by adding Conklin’s Fuel Mate Plus® fuel conditioner at every fill.

Bring back the power 

You’ll notice the difference – 4-Power G restores the performance your vehicle loses over time.
And it’s easy to use. See below.

How to clean your fuel system with 4-Power G
Add 4-Power G when filling the fuel tank. First-time users should add 4-Power G to two consecutive tanks of fuel. After the second tank, if the vehicle is equipped with a fuel filter, it should be changed. Then, treat one tank of fuel with 4-Power G every 4,000 miles or four months. Boost mileage even more by adding Conklin Fuel Mate Plus® Fuel Conditioner at every fill.

Gasoline Fuel Treatment Rates
Single 16 oz bottle treats 16 gallons of fuel.

Product Documents 

File Downloads

pdf 4 Power G Safety Data Sheet(Size: 292.1 KB)
pdf 4-Power G Sell Sheet(Size: 794.5 KB)
pdf  4-Power G Spec Sheet(Size: 945.1 KB)