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Specially formulated high nitrogen foliar fertilizer containing  triazone that can be applied late season and with fungicides

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  • High Nitrogen Foliar Fertilizer
  • Specially formulated for foliar feeding with Triazone®. May be used with foliar applied fungicides.

Feast Foliar Fertilizers
Bring in bumper crops with the efficiency of foliar feeding. Foliar feeding is designed as a top-end management tool to target plants at growth stages when photosynthesis, root growth and nutrient absorption need an extra boost. Foliar feeding stimulates growth. A successful foliar application requires products of proper specifications: a very low salt index, high solubility, low-biuret and high purity. Feast fertilizers exceed all these qualifications for a foliar feeding program that’s highly effective at increasing both quality and yield.

Boosts photosynthesis in essential growth stages
  • Boosts photosynthesis in essential growth stages
  • Enhances growth and vigor of plants
  • Non-corrosive to equipment
  • Low burn potential

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