Fastrack® Equine Gel


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Provides added support for foal development and horses experiencing challenging conditions.

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Supplements foals' nutrition at birth with lactic acid-producing bacteria, live yeast cells, vitamins, and specialized proteins to set the stage for future performance. Also recommended for horses during worming, transportation, or periods of irregular feed intake. Unique gel formula simplifies oral administration. Administer between lower teeth and cheek. One tube contains up to five doses.

Shipping days for overnight option:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. No Fastrack® Gel products will be shipped on a Friday or over any holiday.

Product Disclaimer:

Perishable and must be stored in a cool, dry place not to exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shipping Disclaimer:

Conklin Fastrack® Gel products must be shipped using overnight delivery to ensure best quality and microbial viability. The customer will be responsible for ALL shipping charges. You must specify overnight shipping in the special instructions box upon checkout if you would like your product shipped overnight.

Replacement Disclaimer:

Conklin will no longer replace Fastrack® Gel products damaged due to heat during shipment via means other than overnight delivery.

Fastrack® products are non-returnable.